Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Hank Haney on Chipping from Thick Rough

Today I have a video tip from Hank Haney about a problem we all have at some time or another -- chipping from thick rough.

I like this tip because Haney covers everything, even identifying your ball. Notice that he's using a sand wedge and playing this mostly like a sand shot.

Please note that it's mostly like a sand shot. Haney specifically says this is a chip shot from rough that's close to the green, not far away. That's why he's using an abbreviated followthrough, rather than the long followthrough most pros recommend from a bunker. Thick rough isn't likely to act like sand, so you don't want to hit the ball too hard and send it shooting across the green.

Also note Haney's key point: Try to keep the face open. You want to make sure the ball goes up high, not low left (or low right if you play left-handed). That's your best chance of getting the ball to land soft and trickle to the hole.

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