Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Get More from Your Hybrid

I found an interesting article at called 4 Ways to Score with a Hybrid. It's a good source for ideas on how to get more use from your hybrid.

Sole of hybrid club Here are the 4 ways to score that the article covers:
  1. Sand shots
  2. Bump & Run
  3. Downhill Green Shot from Light Rough above the Hole
  4. Ball against the Collar of the Green
You'll also see plenty of tiny pictures scattered through the article. Click on them and they "blow up" so you can see more details.

There's a lot of good info here on how ball position affects these shots, which is often the most important (and least often considered) detail when setting up to play a specialized shot.

The instructor who wrote this article, Frank O’Connell, is also responsible for the Body Movin' drill that I seem to recommend every other month, so you might want to check this new article out as well. (My original post featuring the Body Movin' drill, More Indoor Practice, can be found at this link.)

The photo came from the hybrid article.

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