Selasa, 18 September 2012

Forget "Golf Naked" - Try "Golf Korean"

I intend to take another look at Jiyai Shin's swing tomorrow (I thought I'd done it before, but I could only find this one). In the meantime, I found this video she made about a year ago.

Problem is, it's in Korean.

Nevertheless, I'm going to post it because (1) we don't hear her talk much in Korean in interviews, so that's interesting and (2) there are some helpful graphics that I can refer back to when I do the swing post. The main things I was able to get from it concerned:
  1. how different length clubs affect her posture,
  2. how her swing is similar to Ben Hogan's (I'll come back to that tomorrow), and
  3. how she keeps her posture during the swing.
The graphics in the video illustrate points 1 and 3. Here's it is:

It's amazing how much you can pick out just by watching her swing. (Like that beautiful rhythm she has.) I'll pick up on it again tomorrow.

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